19 November 2011

Interior Design

       The summer holiday, or what was left of it after we moved into our new home, went by real fast.  The kids had friends stay over, which we totally enjoyed now that we have space!

       We managed to finish a bit of the exterior work, but we haven't yet done the driveway with pavers.  That's taking a while because we've had contradicting opinions about how this is supposed to be done, either with a layer of cement below or just with gravel and sand.  We'll try to get this job done soon and explain the process...

       Meanwhile we've tried to accommodate the inside and so far we're pretty happy with the results.  We found a Japanese importer of European style furniture (Furniture House) that is both functional and affordable, so we ordered this stylish Scandinavian-made desk from them.  Very heavy and sturdy.  This corner has been adopted by our daughter, as she can listen to her favorite music on the computer while doing her homework.

      We still haven't managed to furnish the rest of the study/living room but let's stay hopeful: one thing at a time.  Work and the kids take precedence over home design, especially after months of home planning which consumed us totally.

      For simple furniture, we've always liked Ikea.  We decided to give their Billy Series a try for the Studio.  The closest store is located in Funabashi, so about 1h and 20 minutes away...  We carried most of the furniture we wanted ourselves on the train since we don't have a car, but we decided to use their delivery service for the larger and heavier units.  We were very pleased with the service, and since we were shopping in November, which is my birthday month, we got a discount!

      By the way, Ikea's new catalog comes out in September every year, a time when they introduce a number of new products.  Right now they are rearranging the showroom so many areas are closed off to the public (the revamped showrrom is set to be ready for December 12th).

     For the studio, we are so incredibly happy that we did not go for custom cabinets and chose to wait and pick furniture ourselves instead.  Assembling the furniture was really easy and overall cost for the series of cabinets and doors was very reasonable. This is the result for now...

      One less area to worry about...  The curtains are our next target!

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