12 August 2011

Final Details

Back from a long blogging pause...
We have finally moved into our new house! 
     The past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic, with packing and paper work to get done, and finally unpacking and settling.
     Let's backtrack a bit for this post. On the week of the 25th of July, a lot of last-minute work was carried out at our house. The 1F wood deck was installed as well as our 2F balcony.  We were able to catch our carpenters in action as they fitted the beams over support bases.

Coming along real well...

    The exterior lights were also installed and they look just as we'd imagined.  It's good to see that long hours of research for the perfect lights have turned out great results.

     The wood on the 2F balcony is darker.  That's because it's not real wood, it's Composite Decking, to avoid staining the walls.  The beams supporting the balcony were painted white and I just love the contrast.  The light on the pillar supporting the balcony turns on with a sensor or manually.

     Most of the inside lighting was also completed.  The pendant light I chose from Company-B, which has 2 stores right in Kichijoji, is just the perfect decoration for the island.  This was another choice right on target!

    On July 30th, we carried out an inspection of our home, with our architect and building supervisor Kato-san.  We noticed a few things here and there that needed fixing and were told that this would be done during the following week. Most of the items on the list were minor and we were pleased with the overall results.
     At that time we still had no stairway to the main door...  So there was still a lot to accomplish in a week.

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