16 August 2011

Home at last...

August 5th was Handover day!

     We went over construction details with our Builder and made some last-minute decision for a few items that have yet to be installed.   We are still missing our post box, our outside lighting, a faucet on the deck and a few other minor things.

A TEPCO team, came to set up the electrical cables.

We've gotten used to the electrical cabling style in Japan:
the cables run from the house to ....


... a large pole on the other side of the street!

     The meeting was brief and interrupted by a visit from representatives from Tokyo Gas, as well as by our Fire Insurance Agent to sign the contract.  We took a few pictures as a keepsake of this memorable moment.

      Because we didn't want to waste any more time, we decided to move that very same day, so I hurried to take a few pictures of the house before our movers would fill it with boxes.  Unfortunately, due to some unexplained technical difficulty, I can't seem to be able to use the Slideshow here, so I'll post the photos later.

     A little while after, the moving truck came and started unloading what seemed like an endless flow of boxes and furniture.  After everything calmed down, we looked forward to a relaxing shower...  but we were unable to operate the water heater!  That's despite "reading" the instructions, by this I mean trying to decipher some familiar kanji and largely basing our assumptions on the manga pictures!   It turns out, we found out 2 days and several cold showers later, that some kind of connection had not been made within our EcoJouzu unit (energy-efficient water heater)...  So I guess it would have been be wise to do a test run with the Tokyo Gas representative on day 1!

We went out for dinner, as we were too tired to go through the IH instruction booklet... 

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