10 October 2011

Finally home

      It's been two months now that we've settled into our new home.  It feels fantastic!  The greatest thing about this place is the amount of light that we get.  And the space!  We finally have a spot for everything!

     To cut down on costs, we decided to finish the landscaping ourselves.  Things have been moving slowly but we've so far managed to finish the low walls on either side of the house that we will later fill with plants.  Here's Efrain and Teo, our Bolivian friend, mixing cement and carefully laying the stones we purchased at J-mart.

     The cement needs a few hours to dry, then it needs to be brushed for a clean finish.

   Once the walls were finished, we needed to address the pretty lame concrete wall bordering our house. We bought cleaning products to make sure we had a clean surface before painting, but we ended up not using any of these as they seemed to dirty the wall even more.  What we did was brush the wall completely, taking out years of accumulated sand and dirt.

     Then came the fun part, paiting the wall.  Efrain was in charge of the roller while I painted between the stones with a brush.  Our kids also took their turn helping out!

     We used BIG 10 (水性ビッグ10多用途) by Asahi Paint and selected a grayish blue - Newport Blue - that we thought would contrast well with the plants (when we finally get them...). 

     It took a couple of days to do it all, leisurely: cleaning, rinsing, drying and applying two coats of paint.  We also decided to extend the area to get a nicer view from our living room windows.  Kinda tight in there, with 3 aircons lined up between the house and the wall, but we managed, creatively...


     Our neighbor thought it looked so nice she casually asked if we could do her side of the wall!  Well, we're quite happy with the result, but we do need to focus on the pavers now.  We'll report on that soon.

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